Sumy State University

Ukraine - is an independent democratic country in the South of Eastern Europe. Till 1991 it was part of former USSR. It is washed by Black Sea and Azov Sea in the South. It verges on Russia, Byelorussia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. According to its area is first among European countries. Population: 47 mln. people.
Religion: Christians-80% of population, 20%-other religions.
Language: National language is Ukrainian. At the same time Russian language is widely used.

Ukraine is country with highly developed industry, culture, education, science and technology.

Sumy Region - is situated in the North-East of Ukraine. The main branches of industry are chemicals, oil and gas mining, complex machine- and instrumental building. According to records Sumy region have produced more than 20 world famous Academicians, about 30 Academicians of National Academies of Sciences, about 250 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, 50 honourable artists, and more than 10 Olympic champions.

Sumy - the administrative center of Sumy region, with rich history and traditions (the city was founded in the fiftieth of XVII century). The population of the city is about 300 000 people.

Today Sumy is a big industrial, cultural, educational and scientific center of Ukraine. The considerable industrial, scientific and technical potential, high industrialization of Sumy region attracts attention of business people, established organizations for active international co-operation.

Sumy State University (SSU), which was founded since 1948, is the leading higher educational establishment in Ukraine with strong scientific and educational complex, recognized center of culture.

The University has the highest rating among all other Ukrainian higher educational establishments, International Academic Ratings of Popularity and Quality, is a member of international educational and scientific organizations.

Dear friends,
It is my pleasure to present to you this booklet containing information about Sumy State University. It will give you an idea of the diversity of opportunities which Sumy State University offers today.
Realizing the conception of higher education upon the experience of the world leading universities, our higher education establishment constantly develops as institution of a classical type with a multi-dimensional structure and best research and academic traditions. Within the precincts of the University there are scientific schools famous in Ukraine and far beyond its borders; training of Ukrainian and foreign students on different directions is being successfully carried out.
I sincerely hope that cooperation with Sumy State University will be fruitful and beneficial for you.

Rector, Professor Anatoliy V. Vasylyev



•    12 departments of different forms of education, Medical Institute, Konotop and Shostka institutes, Machine-building College, I. Kozghedub Chemical-Engineering College, Polytechnical College, Technical School of Industrial Pedagogics, Institute of Correspondence, Distance and Evening Education with its 15 Regional Centers, Military Research Centre of Rocket Forces and Artillery Use in Operations;
•    about 2500 faculty lecturers, scientists and staff, including 60 doctors and professors, 400 candidates of science and associate professors, among which 13 Honoured Scientists, Medical Doctors, Sportsmen, PT Specialists, Educationalists, and Innovators; 6 State-Prize-winners; 14 Academicians and Corresponding Members of Ukrainian and foreign Academies of Science;
•    diverse student body of 22 000;
•    training of specialists of different qualifications (junior specialist, bachelor, specialist, master) according to 36 directions and 56 specialties through full-time, part-time, external and distance training;
•    post-graduate study on 30 specialties, including doctoral, clinical studies and internship; specialized Academic Boards for defending doctoral and Ph.D. theses (8 specialties).
•    study complex of 40 educational institutions (gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges); financing 50% of full-time student body by the state budget;
•    acknowledgement of the University diploma on the labour market (over 800 employers) and successful employment of the University graduates;
•    possibility to obtain two degrees simulta¬neously, retraining of specialists, military training with conferring the rank of reserve officers;
•    annual publication of more than 600 text-books, manuals and various teaching materials;
•    high quality of specialists training: the highest level of state accreditation of the majority of specialties and University in general, high Academic results among all the Ukrainian higher educational institutions, best results in all - Ukrainian contests on various university disciplines and research projects;
•    t the Scientific and Educational Center of Vacuum and Electrophysical Apparatus for Nuclear Power, the Scientific and Research Institute of Economics of Development, which were created together with the National Academy of Science of Ukraine;
•    cooperation with 40 foreign universities, membership in 10 international educational and research organizations;
•    international student body from more than 50 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, -Latin America, Australia; an opportunity to take courses in English on such specialties as General Medicine, Management of Organization, Marketing, Computer Science;
•    a well-developed infrastructure including 21 academic buildings, clinics, funded academic chairs at industrial enterprises, 13 residence halls, sports complexes, a swimming pool, stadiums, skiing and boating centers, cafeteria, dining halls, etc.

Sumy State University


Sumy State University is a modern European university working in line with European integration processes and the Bologna Declaration, organizing the educational process according to credit-module system.
The University provides a high quality of specialists' training in different fields, that is testified by a great demand for University's graduates.

Sumy State University is highly ranked in national and international contests of student research projects, student competitions in various university disciplines, integrated tests for medical students. A special Certificate «For Work with Gifted Youth» has been awarded to Sumy State University by the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children.

Diplomas issued by the University in the field of Economics and Management are certified by the International Education Society, this testifying to the fact that the University Academic standards correspond to European standards.

The University strives to integrate research and study. It is an institution infused with a dynamic future-oriented spirit. New specialties and fields of study are being constantly added to meet the needs of industrial enterprises, corporations, government agencies, and all kinds of institutions in the area. All the curriculums provide the usage of advanced information and telecommunication technologies, computing services, obtaining profound knowledge in humanities, foreign languages, mathematics, and machine design.

The University has a well-equipped computerized library complex containing over 3 million volumes, both on paper and on electronic media.

The Center of Specialists' Retraining gives the opportunity to get the second higher education, provides professional improvement or refreshing of graduates' knowledge and skills, retraining on different specialties. There has been developed an effective system of distance learning in the majority of fields the University deals with.

The clinical departments of the Medical Institute are located in the best, well-equipped clinical hospitals of the region.



The University offers undergraduate (Bachelor) and giaduate (Specialist, Master) programs in the following fields:

Field of study

Degree program:

Field of study

Degree program:

General Medicine *


Physical and Biomedical Electronics




Control and Automation Systems




Electro technical Systems of Power Consumption




Applied Materials Engineering




Applied Materials Engineering


Economics of Enterprise


Dynamics and Durability


Marketing *


Mechanical Engineering Technology


Management of Organizations *


Metal-cutting Machines and Systems


Economics of Environment and Natural Resources


Tool Manufacturing


Business Administration


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines


Computer Science *


Equipment for Chemical Engineering and Enterprises of Building Materials


Applied Mathematics


Compressors, Pneumatic and Vacuum Equipment


Information Technologies of Design


Refrigerating Compressors and Units


Electronic Instruments and Devices


Power Management


Electronic Systems


Quality, Standardization and Certification


B - Bachelor, S - Specialist, M - Master, * - Specialities with optional English language of instruction



The University offers basic and applied research in the field of physics, materials engineering, micro-and-nanoelectronics, telecommunication information systems, mechanical treatment of materials, hermetics technology, power efficiency and power saving, chemical engineering, environmental protection, health protection, languages and literature, historical study of local lore, etc.

Some innovative programs are top-ranked both nationally and internationally. Among them: problems of pump and compressor production; granulation of fertilizers and other substances; environmental economics and environmental protection; machine rotor sealing and engineering systems diagnostics; interaction of physical fields in bodies under deformation and stress; sustained development of economic systems; processes in microelectronic films; physics of relativistic plasma-like systems; theory of disbalanced systems; magnetic self-organized structures.

The International certificate ISO 9001:2000 for the development, design and manufacturing of equipment for granulation, filtration, and mass transfer testifies to the fact of international recognition of a high level of the University research projects.

The University offers unlimited opportunity for the aspiring students. A lot of them are deeply involved in research. The Experimental Students Research Institute is only one example of this involvement.

The University research laboratories and centers provide for the investigation and research projects supported and financed by national and foreign industrial enterprises, institutions, companies, international grants and by the state budget. The University is in possession of intellectual right, for more than 200 innovations.

Every year the University hosts about 20 and international scientific conferences in the held ol engineering, physics, mathematics, medicine, economics, social sciences, and humanities and publishes more then 2500 research papers by the University faculty, indents and research assistants in scientific journals in Ukraine and abroad.

The University offers 30 post-graduate programs, as well as doctoral programs, and a program for advanced military studies. It has specialized Academic Boards for conferring scientific degrees (PhD, Doctor of Science) in the following fields: Physics of Instruments, Cells and Systems; Physical Electronics; Solid-State Physics; Economics and Management of Scientific and Technological Progress; Environmental Economics and Environmental Protection; Vacuum Equipment and Compressors; Hydraulic Machines and Hydropneumatic Units; Chemical Machinery and Processes.

There is published a periodical journal "Sumy State University Bulletin" in the following series: "Technical Sciences" (Mechanical Engineering, Automation, Electronic Engineering, Information Science); "Medicine"; "Economics", "Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics, Linguistics", as well as " Sumska Starovyna" a scientific journal dealing with history and culture of Ukraine, international scientific journals "Mechanisms of Economic Regulation", "Problems and Prospects in Economic Management".


Sumy State University is the leading institution in the field of information technology in the area. It provides advanced training and retraining of specialists on 5 computer specialities.

The University has a complete and constantly developing computer-based system of information, computing and communications services. Currently - it is the modern intellectual elaborations in the way of programme supply of the University computer network, which unites local networks of faculties and institutes. The overall number of computers amounts to 2300, most of them being placed in 90 computer classes.

The modern University Library and Informational Complex is an integral part of the learning and research resources of the University. The Library information system makes it possible to provide timely and high quality service for all clientele. All the procedures, starting with customer registration, are computerized. The access to the Library catalogue is available through the computer network.

The University has an official Website on the Internet, as well as dozens of specialized websites, representing its diverse academic, research, and social activities.

Computing support and development is provided by the University Centre of Computing and Communications. The research projects, developments, and innovations of the Centre are one of the best in Ukraine. The most important of them is the Integrated Information System, consisting of several subsystems, supporting the academic, research, administrative, and economic functions of the University; distance education system, a number of instructional, testing and simulation programmes, virtual test benches, etc.

All these modern technologies, information and communications services, up-to date equipment (electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, robotic systems, computerized work places, numerically controlled machine tools, test benches, etc) enhance the teaching and research missions of the University and make it a beehive of investigation and creativity.

Sumy State University


International activity is considered to be one of the priority and most perspective development directions of Sumy State University. Sumy State University fruitfully works in the sphere of international cooperation, has a wide range of foreign partners, is a full member of leading international associations and has a successful experience of work in frames of international educational and scientific grant projects.

State University is a full member of the International Association of Universities, Association of European Universities, Association of Economic Universities of South and Easten Europe and the Black Sea Region, Eurasian Association of Universities, Association of Slavonic Universities, International Education Society The University professors and scientists are members of the American Mathematical Society, International Society for Ecological Economics, International Academy of Informatization, etc.

Powerful scientific schools of the University constantly work in frames of international grant projects of the European Commission TEMPUS/TACIS, INTAS, grants of NATO, various international funds, joint projects of National Academies of Sciences of foreign countries and other international organizations.

In order to provide a high quality training Sumy State University collaborates with the leading foreign companies in the field of telecommunication and information technologies, technical engineering, such as Microsoft, Delcam PLC, CISCO, Netcracker, etc, training centers of which are successfully functioning at Sumy State University.

There was established a close relationship with educational and research institutions of Poland, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Austria, Greece, Belarus, the USA, Czech Republic, Rumania, Russia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Vietnam and other countries. The University is traditionally a host institution of annual international conferences, seminars, round-table discussions, etc. It constantly welcomes representatives of foreign governments, embassies, diplomatic missions, international funds, educational and research institutions.

Students of Sumy State University have an opportunity to participate in various cross-cultural exchange programs, practice and internship in such countries as Poland, the USA, Turkey, France, Canada, Belgium, etc. Teachers and post-graduate students study abroad and actively work in frames of international grant projects and individual scientific programs.


Foreign students were first admitted to Sumy State University in 1991. Today the University community includes 700 foreign students from more than 50 countries all over the world. They are offered here all kinds of facilities and resources for academic, research, and recreational activities, as well as a variety of social opportunities, including housing for every international student.

Teaching at the University is conducted in Ukrainian, Russian, and English (specialities: Genera Medicine, Management of Organizations, Marketing and Computer Science) languages.

Foreign students take an active part in scientific research. They present their results on scientific conference holding in the University or in other Ukrainian educational establishments and publish them in scientific journals. They can also apply for post-graduate studies.

Sumy State University does not tolerate discrimination of any form, but rather makes every attempt to encourage tolerance and cultural understanding among its student body. All foreign students are provided  with  accommodation in hostels.

The University supports a number of cross-cultural activities which allow students to become better acquainted with cultures of the colleagues they meet while studying at Sumy State University. Various national student associations (Nigerian, Tanzanian, Cameroonian, Arabian, Chinese, etc.) actively cooperate with the University administration with the aim of helping their members to adapt to the new cultural and academic environment as guickly as possible, and make their staying in Ukraine comfortable and enriching for both sides.

The University has a Preparatory Department for foreign students. Highly qualified experienced teachers, modern teaching materials and technique help the students to master Russian language in a very short time. The duration of study is 10 months.

Foreign students' admission to the University is regulated by the existing International Agreements of which Ukraine is a party, the existing national programs, agreements between higher educational establishments and intermediary firms. To be acknowledged by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine all required admission documents must be certified according to the law of the country which issued them, and legalized in accordance with the established procedure, if it is not envisaged otherwise in International Agreements of Ukraine.

Sumy State University


The University provides opportunities for student development outside the classroom. Programs are offered to enhance personal and social growth of individual students, to provide an exciting and stimulating collegiate environment, and to enable students to cope with educational, career, and health needs.

The University students share in the responsibility of governing the University They participate in Student Government which has its subdivisions at all University Departments. There is also a special Student Committee dealing with student housing services.

The students of the University can enjoy the following services: Student Counseling Centre, Student Cafeteria-club, dining facilities, 13 residential halls housing 3.5 thousand students, a swimming-pool, a skiing centre, a boating centre, sports complexes, exercise rooms, stadiums, a multi-purpose field with artificial surfacing, an Internet-cafe, a conference hall, training rooms, a Student Health Centre, a primary care clinic for students.

The University recognizes a wide variety of interest clubs and groups that promote student interests in a broad range of fields, including: sing-song, dance, drama, theatre, folklore, jazz, rock, instrumental music, literary work, etc.

The University Sports Club operates 33 club sport groups: football, mini-football, basketball, volleyball, handball, biathlon, athletic gymnastics, table tennis, fitness, aerobics, swimming, boating, boxing, karatedo, judo, sambo, Greco-Roman wrestling, tourism, etc. There are a lot of champions and prize-winners of national and international competitions among the University students, about nearly 50 masters and candidates to masters of sports.
The University mini-football team has won the championship among schools of higher learning, and has been successful in the championship of Ukrainian professional teams.

Rimsky-Korsakov Str. 2, 40007, Sumy, Ukraine